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Technology nevers stops advancing, absorbing information doesn’t either!

I am a performance-proven Senior Database Administrator (MSSQL 2008-2016, MySQL, Oracle), Infrastructure Engineer with 20+ years of diverse experience in SQL Development/Management, Application Development, System Administration, Software development, project management, and technical documentation in a fast-paced high-tech organization; accustomed to working with executive and senior-level management. Web development, Website Development, specailize in WordPress and Ecommerce on Amazon, Ebay, PoshMark and Mercari. Manage Ecommerce through Sellbrite.
A multi-skilled programmer with good all-round supervisory and technical expertise; has extensive practical knowledge of SQL DBA tools, Network monitoring Tool, Development Tool, complex systems, and networking with technical support. An exceptional problem solver who has a keen ability to resolve technology issues, and implement highly successful automated solutions; works well under pressure, possesses good communication skills and gives attention to details. 40+ years as a Mechanic!

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She is a hard-working, people-loving person. She has many medals for hard work in Special Olympics.

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My Right-hand man, #1 Son, and the hardest working you could find.

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What others have said…

Dale Burdick

Application Operations Lead at Finance of America

October 15, 2019, Dale managed Mike directly

Mike knows his stuff! He is confident, approachable and capable. He takes ownership for systems and creates a lot of value from a small investment in infrastructure and software. He figures things out. Mike worked with me for two years during a complex transition where two medium-sized mortgage organizations were merged together. Mike was the lead admin for the Loan Origination System and databases supporting one of the original operations. Ultimately, we chose his application to support the combined company. He’d done an amazing job designing and maintaining the core system, some custom portals and data warehouses. During the transition, while many others were hoarding knowledge and playing politics, Mike welcomed the extra attention on systems and highlighted where updated tech and additional proactive monitoring would have significant benefit. He spent time training the new help and was always thorough and detailed. He built utilities in C# to improve processes for users and automation for common tasks. He mastered SQLServer replication to assure seamless failover and off-loaded processing to avoid blocking business user activity in the primary OLTP database. He has a variety of interests and can speak with authority on all of them. I stay in touch with Mike and would love to work with Mike again.  

Bhabasis Debasharma

Infrastructure automation engineer at Finance of America Mortgage LLC

December 4, 2019, Mike worked with Bhabasis in the same group

I worked with Mike for over a year. He is knowledgeable and dependable. He also has a very cool head on his shoulders which is a must in high pressure situations. His out of the box thinking saved us a lot of times. As a DBA he absolutely knows his stuff. We still use many of the tools developed by him. He is also very much knowledgeable in IIS and .Net technologies and server infrastructure. I am sure he can be an asset to any IT organization

Evert Kuijpers

Product Manager for Integrations at Capsilon

October 28, 2019, Mike was a client of Evert’s

I worked with Mike over the past few years while I was a Product Manager with Capsilon and he a DBA at Finance of America. It’s always been a pleasure to collaborate with him. He’s a real professional who knows his job, has technical as well as functional knowledge, and strives for the best quality possible. Personable, even in stressful situations, he always finds a way to solve problems and serve his users. You can’t go wrong with a guy like that; we will miss him!